Bonjour & Hello!

Ernest Hemingway once said...

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young
man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays
with you, for Paris is a movable feast."

With its café, bridges,markets, gardens, museums and all the je
ne sais quoi; It is our attempt to convey to you a little bit of the
beauty and the joie de vivre that is PARIS and to make it
accessible to you. Welcome to our site.

We are the happy owners of ALL the apartments on this site and
we take pride in offering you apartments that are competitively
priced and functional; We are NOT an agency and we do not
charge you fees; We actually own these apartments and rent
them as direct owners. We have been offering apartments for over
14 years now. Over the years we have specialised more and more
in student flatshares and our apartments facilitate flatsharing.
We are very pleased to welcome so many students from British
and Irish universities  year after year. We accommodate over 100
students and young interns EVERY academic year.

- We endeavour to offer you
Well Maintained - Well Furnished - Well Equipped
some of the apts are in Post-card locations in the Centre of Paris,
minutes away from the historic and beautiful monuments but
they still remain Affordable.

A room in  flatshare ranges between 20 to 25 euros per person
per day. If you have a budget of 500 to 750 euros monthly
including bills, you will find your bonheur on this website.

We offer 114 rooms in various flatshares. We started this business
14 years ago and have accommodated approx 2500 students
Every apartment offers you high speed Internet, cable TV -  hi-fi -
microwave - toaster - washing machine/dryer - Telephone line...
and of course all the practical  things like linen, kitchenware etc.

Our rental price  
includes electricity, Internet subscription, cable
TV subscription, les charges, water consumption. Please bear this
in mind when you make a selection and compare the prices.
We do this because it makes life easier for you and you don't have
to go through the PAIN of having to deal with the phone company
and internet service provider and electricity company....That
alone  is priceless.
ALL absolutely ALL our apartments are CAF compatible and Yes
absolutely we willl provide CAF receipts which will enable you to
avail of student grants.

We endeavour to do our best for you.

If you are new to our website; start by browsing the
dates and
rates page and then send us an email and we will take it up from
Musical accompaniment
for your listening
pleasure: I love Paris
Central Paris Rentals

FAQ section answers all the questions so that you can make your trip a
hassle-free, an enjoyable and a memorable one.
Please use the EMAIL only for all inquiries
(we speak Spanish, German and French) or email to us at
Share thoughts, ask questions, make suggestions....

Until we meet in person, we hope in some ways, through these pages, we
have already met.

At your service...
Roxanne Godiwalla  and Francis Ledru

ps - If you are already a tenant and if it is an emergency please call
6 6 2 49 09 04 or 0142604530 (please only use this number if you are
a tenant)
but also send an email Kindly do NOT use this phone number if
you are not already a tenant.
This is only an emergency number reserved
for tenants
; If you wish to become a tenant you have to only use the email
The Dates & Rates contains a complete list
Cross-check on rates-availabilities page
If you are looking for a ROOM in a shared apartment -  or if you are a
group of friends wishing to share an apartment
please go to the dates and
rates page for exact dates
The best place to start is the dats and rates page if you already have
confirmed dates, especially an arrival date;  
 Dates and Rates  page  
which contains a ful list of apartments with dates and the rates;